Why should I get directory listings?

Your web hosting provider may include in your service an attribute called directory listing. This is a well searched for option by those who are worried about their search engine results positioning. Being within the top ten of a search result, means too much to businesses since it allows more users to note your site thereby increasing traffic all the way through best citation services.

Are the citation submissions automated or completed by hand?

100% – hand submitted by our trained best citation builders.

Why are directory listing services so expensive?

It really is expensive as the team managing the directory needs to constantly check their listings if they’re accurate or not. After the search engines believe their listing is not accurate and true to its content, they might be downgraded or blacklisted from the internet search engine. This is catastrophic for their business.

Just how long does it take to publish my listings?

Time varies, but many sites for best citation are going to be updated with a few hours.

Just how will I order?

Ordering for best citation is very easy. Follow these simple steps to give your order.

  • Choose how many submissions you wish to order
  • Press the BUY NOW button
  • Enter your business information in the shape that will be provided
  • Pay for the order, through PayPal
  • Your report is going to be emailed to the email that you provided while ordering!

Are your websites search engine optimized?

Yes – our experts of best citation help your web sites to appear on search, social and on the web directories.

Just how much will a nearby directory submissions cost me?

The cost is determined by the number of submissions that you order. Please see packages and their corresponding costs listed below.

  • 15 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $18
  • 40 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $46
  • 80 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $92
  • 120 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $138
  • 200 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $230
  • 240 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $276
  • 300 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $345
  • 350 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $400

What type of tracking data can I anticipate?

Impressions, clicks, and views are available to greatly help determine what is working far better help drive marketing and sales goals. You can see the outcomes by split up directories or in aggregate.

Would you submit photos and videos?

Yes, you can submit 1 logo & 3 photos however, not video at this time in time.

What goes on if you find my listing on a directory?

We always look to see if you have a preexisting listing before we submit to a directory. We do both an automated look-up & manual (‘human’) look-up so we check everything. If we look for a listing and the core information is correct then we will skip it and submit one to a different (‘Replacement’) directory. This means that you always get the same number of submissions you covered.

Would you claim Google Place pages or phone verify any listings?

No. Any important listings that require claiming with phone or postcard verification should be handled directly by the business, or at least by the S.E.O. agency who is able to coordinate the telephone verification calls with the business.

Exactly how many live listings must I be prepared to receive?

We guarantee that at 70% of submissions/updates to result in live listings.

Can you give clients the email addresses you use to generate listings?

Yes we do. At the end of every campaign we add the e-mail account details to the report which you are able to access in your Best Citation Admin Console.

What Makes Our Citations more advanced than others?

-No Duplicate Listings, We only list on web sites if your business isn’t existent. We check for your entire current listings, Very few, if any other services offer this.
-The Best quality Sites. Each listing has its own page and unique URL Perhaps not sharing a typical page with other listings such as for instance category page listings. There are numerous sites that not meet our quality standards.