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A citation is where your company name and address is mentioned on another web site. Google searches for these citations as part of their regular web crawl. When Google finds a citation about your organization, they will offer you a “point”. You obtain this point whether there is a link or maybe not leading back again to a website. More citations, means more points, which results in an increased ranking.Google also uses an algorithm called “Trust Rank”. Trust rank is really a patented search program whereby various weights are assigned to different websites based on the “expert status” of the person who annotates the website. While Google will not say they use the trust rank algorithm for Google Maps, it could make sense should they do. What does this mean when it comes to your business ranking? It means that citation is going to be worth more than the others. For instance, suppose you own a barbecue business. A listing in the Better Business Bureau for the business is likely to be ranked more than a listing on “Bubba Bob’s Favorite BBQ Restaurants” That’s because Google will probably genuinely believe that Bubba Bob has less “authority” compared to BBB.

So just how can you get citation? As you promote your business, join associations, and participate in community activities, with time you will probably garner hardly any citation. But…. are you able to accelerate this method? Yes. Imagine of it as yet another way of promoting your business, because after all, whatever you are doing is listing your business in a few form of a directory. A perfect way to accelerate the number of citation you have is join Universal Business Listings. Through the use of their service, all you have to accomplish is post your business listing once. Then Universal Business Listing will automatically post your information to all or any of the major search engines, the major Online Yellow Pages, information directories, and several other industry directories.